Welcome to this page!On this page, you will find artwork from Room 7 children.We hope you enjoy our art :)

Term 4
*During Term 4, our children had been learning about what we could expect to find in our
native forests/bush and during our visit to the Onepu Wetlands walk. Here are some of our
pencil sketches of some native plant life and native birds we might have found in
our native forests/bush found in our area as well as what we could have found at
the Onepu Wetlands walk.

Term 3*Early in Term 3, we tie-dyed t-shirts, created t-shirt print picturesand created a class logo-board (a painting and felt-tip mural using pictures from Room 7 children) that also became a print picture, both to be ironed onto our t-shirts.

*Also in Term 3, we had a visiting artist called Eli Sharplin, who took a 1 1/2 hour session with the Junior, Middle and Seniorschools all in one day! Our syndicate learnt how to do 3D boxes and other shapes and then we learnt aboutcreating a 3D scene or in our case, our children created 3D letter boxes.


Mr Sharplin also gave the teachers a tip on how to add colour. Our class added dye but we usedcotton balls and cotton buds to apply the dye. Whaea Lesa also showed Room 7 children how to apply moredye to previously dyed sections to add 'depth'. Whaea Lesa loved our finished creations!

Before we finished our letter boxes, Whaea Lesa read our class a book about a cat exploring in his garden. It was a junior book butshe really got the book so we could use the pictures to help us 'experiment' with colour and adding colour indifferent ways. Here are our practice cats which also came out pretty nice.

Term 2
*During the term, some of our children went away for a sports day so the rest of our class created
a paper collage of a black cat after we read the book, 'Oliver the Cat goes Exploring'.
Our children also recounted Oliver's story.

*During Term 2, some of our children worked hard to produce some interesting pictures
as part of our class entry into the 'Doodle-4-Google' art competition. The theme
was 'exploration and what this mean to us' and so our children came up with
some very different aspects on 'exploring' and 'adventure'. Not all our
children entered in this competition.

Term 1
Self Portraits on PhotoPeach

Pencil Sketches on PhotoPeach

Our Cats on PhotoPeach

Snack Boxes on PhotoPeach

Part of our Inquiry Unit was for Room 7 to design a snack box that could holdhealthy 'Switch On' food to keep our brains thinking and alert.