Since the Edgecumbe Town page is getting a little crowded, I thought I would add an'Edgecumbe Facts'
page that could be accessed quickly. *Hover your mouse icon over the photos and they willbecome bigger.

Room 7 children and I have been trying to find out as much as we could in the past two weeks
(as well information from before we had a little rest from ourInquiry Unit) about Edgecumbe. We have asked people, found out from various web-pages from the internet, looked at old newspaper clippings and looked in some library books. Much of the information has come from the many Edgecumbe displays found around Edgecumbe. Whaea Lesa has zoomed around Edgecumbe taking many photographs of places, landmarks andespecially of the information tablets that have been placed near them.