Welcome to this page.On this page you will photos of our class during different events during the year.These events will also be included in each term's planning.

Wheels Day:

On February the 28th, our school had Wheels Day!Our children were allowed to bring scooters, skateboards and bikes. We had educators coming to school to talkto everyone about 'bike safety' and especially, the importance about wearing a helmet to protect our brain!Our children had our turn after Interval time, the Junior syndicate had their learning time before Interval and the Senior syndicate had their time after lunch-time.

Room 7 children had 3 different activities to go to that were about 20 minutes long.

Here are some pictures from our Wheels Day.
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Senior Swimming Day
fish with scuba gear.jpg

We went to watch the Senior children swim in the big Edgecumbe College Pool but then our children were invitedto take part so our children did! They took part in swimming events across the width of the pool aswell as fun novel events. Room 7 had so much fun and they were tired in the afternoon.

Room 7 children were also going to take part in the Junior Swimming Demonstration Day the following Friday afternoon.

Here are some of the photos from the Senior Swimming day.
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cool text.png

(Font text generated from 'cooltext.com') The Junior syndicate (and us) went to the Edgecumbe Domain Park for a Fun 4 U Day with other childrenour age. Other schools there were Matata Public School and Te Teko School.
Here are some pictures of us having a lot of fun!One of our Room 7 students helped Whaea Lesa take some of the photos.Whaea Lesa had her phone camera and the student had Whaea Lesa's camera. He did a good job too!
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Fun 4 U Day #2 on PhotoPeach

road safety.gif

Constable Maree came to our school and taught our classes about 'Road Safety'.
We have had two class sessions with Constable Maree.
In the first session our class went with Room 4 and Room 6 to discuss how to keep safe in moving cars.

In our second session, our class had Constable Maree to ourselves!
We watched a video that showed us how to cross the road.
We learnt about crossing the road and different types of crossing areas.
We learnt our school crossing is different from other crossings because you have to walk onto
the road a little to check if any cars are coming before you cross the road.

Here we are crossing the road.
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