To all our Room 7 children and families...

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I wish you all a very Merry Christmasand a very safe, relaxing and fun holiday!
All the best for 2014!
Our Living Heritage story - 'Discovering Edgecumbe' - has been published!

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Tamar went to Australia and here is her page where we have been leaving her messages!
Click HERE to go to Tamar's page to leave a message :)
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Room 7's Sleep Over CampClick on the picture to go to our Camp resource page.Click on the bird photographs (scroll down when you get there) tohear their bird-songs.
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Welcome to our Class Blog!As you will see, our class blog is busy but it is also our class resource for anything we arestudying or interested in (as well as Whaea Lesa). We 'bookmark' activities we will use and can refer back to anytime.
Focus: Please click on the Literacy link belowLiteracy to view some samples of our stories.
To leave Room 7 a comment, please scroll down to Quad-Bloggers or ePals andclick on the picture you need. You will go to one of our Weebly blogs so you can leave our class a message.Pretty easy and no fuss!
Please check out our 'Energy with Mrs Maple (Green Gauge)' by clickingon this picture to 'take a look'!
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Dear Quad-Bloggers or ePals from Tasmania...Click on your title or the picture below.

Room 9 Rockets - click on the link below!

Dear Quad-Bloggers
Dear ePals from Tasmania

You will go to our new blog-site in 'Weebly'. I have made a separate posting site where you can leave your messages or


You will go to your 'blog-post' area in 'Weebly' for yourmessages.

*To go to pages belonging to Room 7 children, you will need togo to 'Our Classroom' page so please click on the photo of Room 7Room 7 at the playground.jpg

This week our school has been talking about 'Leadership' skills and what makes a 'Great Leader'.Here's an easy to sing-along-song talking about 7 habits (not the H.O.M) that canhelp us all become Leaders.

The Cup songYou have to be pretty persistent and patient to learn this song!A lot of 'leadership focus and determination'!

WHAT'S NEW???Thank you to Whaea Jeanette who told Whaea Lesa about 'Quad Blogging'!Yep...'Quad Blogging'. Hopefully our class will learn who our fellow 'Class Bloggers'are and soon Room 7 will start having new visitors looking at our class wikispace.Hopefully they will critique and give feedback about our blog.

Term 2:Check out our Class Notices...Click on this link and see what waits for you! :)

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Look what Ethan from Room 6 made using an avatar generator found at
Week 6, Term 1
Hippo and Giraffe by lesal38 on GoAnimate

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Beginning of Term 1